Celebrating the Spirit of Lynn Pigott 11/15/64 – 3/19/14


The world lost a shining light when Lynn Pigott passed away on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.  She was a beloved and respected yoga instructor in the Chicago area for 20 years.  Lynn also loved being a part of the InterPlay community.  She was a ‘deep player’ and was instrumental in bringing the Life Practice program to the Chicago area.  Those who were blessed to play and work with her will miss her grace filled presence.  

Lynn’s interest in learning did not stop with yoga and InterPlay.  She studied and participated in many mind-body movement approaches and in many communities, including; The Goddess Group, NIA, Everyday Medicine Woman, Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing, Osho Chicago and the Enneagram.

So much of Lynn’s spirit was in the things she loved to do.  Let’s gather together on Lynn’s behalf and do those things she loved like; dance, practicing ritual and moving.  We will share food, stories and a few other things that brought Lynn joy. Please bring an appetizer, dessert or non-alcoholic drink to share (doesn’t need to be homemade, but please make it food that doesn’t require a utensil).  Also, please bring three roses of any color and wear comfortable clothing for movement.  The gathering will take place on May 4th at 3:00 PM (please arrive between 3:00-3:20, program begins promptly at 3:30) at Heartwood in the Skylight Room (1818 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60202).  Contact Jenilyn Francis Gilbert with any questions at jenilyn@onewayoramother.com or 847-461-8703.

Also, if you have not seen it, there is a guest book online – you can read other’s sharings and leave your own:


And, if you’d like to make a donation in Lynn’s name:

Body Wisdom, Inc.
(a 501(c) 3 organization)
2273 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612



5 responses to “Celebrating the Spirit of Lynn Pigott 11/15/64 – 3/19/14”

  1. Stacy Jaffe says :

    What a lovely picture of Lynn. Her joyful spirit and smile always made me feel so happy and peaceful. I miss her.

  2. jenilyn1 says :

    I know, I miss her terribly. I took this picture at Horner park in Chicago in 2011. She would meet me for walks and picnics in the park with my 4 month old nephew every Wednesday. I told Lynn that if she was a yoga pose she would be “tree pose” and here she is doing yoga with a tree.

  3. Susan Pudelek says :

    Thank you for this wonderful photo of Lynn! I keep seeing her smiling. What a legacy. I really, really miss her. And I’m SO grateful for her life!

  4. dvchamberlin says :

    It was a lovely celebration, last Sunday the 4th of May. The song, “Every Dream (Lynn’s Song) is now available for free download in any format desired @


    Please help yourself and thank you for allowing me to participate in this wonderful memorial for such an extraordinary woman, Lynn Pigott.

    • jenilyn1 says :

      Thank you for sharing the link and sharing your talents with us yesterday. I loved how the lyrics blended Lynn’s gifts of engineering and her love of nature and organic beauty. It also made me feel warm to think of Lynn being back home again.

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